Speaker. Podcaster. Marketer. You Should Know Thom Singer! - Episode 8

January 29, 2018

On Episode 8 host Megan Powers talks with professional speaker Thom Singer. Thom is a certified speaking professional (CSP) via the National Speakers Association (NSA), and is very well respected in many industries. He is going strong with his “Paradox of Potential” program, and is really well known in the meetings and events industry for being the “Conference Catalyst.” 

We talk about his start via training attorneys in marketing and sales, and his current work as a speaker and a podcaster.

This fun 30-minute show is a must-listen!

How to reach Thom:


ThomSinger.com & his podcast is "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do"

If you'd like to see the video recording, here you go - http://bit.ly/MaMEp8vid


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Marketing a Startup - Episode 7

December 8, 2017

Join host Megan Powers as she welcomes her event industry professional guests:

Scott Vitale – Founder and CEO of Spigot Labs

Spigot Labs’ product uses RFID to streamline how you attend, organize, and engage at job fairs, conferences, and food & wine festivals. This technology allows you to take immediate action on the leads you collect in the platforms you’re already using.

Rachel Stephan – Chief snoballer at snöball Event Influencer Marketing

snöball helps event professionals cultivate trust and authenticity by putting word-of-mouth to work. snöball gives an event’s ambassadors an easy-to-use, automated event marketing tool that allows them to amplify the event reach while tending to their own digital brand.

Megan talks with her guests about their startup origin stories, marketing a startup, and more in this 30-minute MUST listen episode!


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Marketing a Unique Event - Episode 6

November 3, 2017

Join host Megan Powers, Elizabeth Glau and Jen Cole as they welcome their guests:

Liz Lathan – Program Director, IBM Analytics & Hybrid Cloud Marketing Events, and a founding partner of Haute Dokimazo – a new kind of event conference.

Nicole Osibodu – Co-Founder of Haute Dokimazo and Owner/CEO, Pink Pineapple Event Design.

The Making a Marketer crew talk about this unique event Haute Dokimazo – an “un-conference” – with Liz and Nicole. They’ll explain what an “un-conference” is, and talk through how you actually market an event without a pre-set agenda. While events are marketing tools in and of themselves, having the opportunity to explore ideas and truly talk with other attendees is the best part.

Make sure you listen to two great pros in the industry, along with the crew (also comprised of events marketing professionals)!


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Marketers on Event Marketing - Episode 5

October 20, 2017

Join host Megan Powers and her Event Marketing professional guests:

Nick Borelli – President, Borelli Strategies. Nick is an event marketing consultant, providing eventprofs with strategies to market their events more successfully.

Alex Plaxen – President/Founder Little Bird Told Media. Alex is passionate about using social media to amplify the reach of events. Little Bird Told Media’s tagline is “Where Online Meets Offline.”

All discuss some best practices about event marketing, the current state of event marketing, some of the different conference examples, and more.


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We Learn How to “TwitterSmarter” with the Top Twitter Pro - Episode 4

October 6, 2017

The 4th episode of the Making a Marketer show is all about Twitter, sharing best practices, and even some hidden treasures you might not have known about. Join host Megan Powers with her co-hosts Jen Cole and Elizabeth Glau as they welcome their guest:

Madalyn Sklar – Social Media Speaker & Consultant and Twitter Marketing Expert

Do you take part in “Twitter Chats”? Madalyn is the master, and we talked quite a bit about how she and her team handle her weekly high-volume #TwitterSmarter chat (Thursdays, 1pm EST). We also talked about the great importance of having your social media included in a crisis communication plan for events… Is she “team 140” or “team 280”? (If you don’t know what that means, you must listen!)… and so much more (even Netscape getting a mention on this one).

Sit back, plug in and enjoy this one!


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The LinkedIn Conversation - Episode 3

September 24, 2017

The third episode is our first of the mid-month 30-minute shows planned. This one is recorded on Facebook LIVE on the ‘Powers of Marketing’ page. Join crew members Megan Powers and Jen Cole as they talk about LinkedIn — video, and “Active Status on LinkedIn Messaging.”  Has LinkedIn gotten better or worse? Do the new features make it more appealing? They talk about the overall changes, and the value LinkedIn has now and historically.


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Building Community - Episode 2

September 8, 2017

Join host Megan Powers with her co-hosts Jen Cole and Elizabeth Glau as they welcome their guests:

Brian Fanzo – Millennial Keynote Speaker, Founder and CEO at iSocialFanz LLC, Change Evangelist

Jessika Phillips – President at NOW Marketing Group, Relationship Marketing Evangelist

These two guests pride themselves on being connectors and evangelists of the relationship building that happens both online because of social media, and then offline because of these online experiences…

A perfect foundation for our topic at-hand: building community in business.

Enjoy the show!


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Social Media and Reputation Management - Episode 1

August 5, 2017

Negativity is a reality that all businesses have to deal with on social media, and the crew and their guests discuss the different ways they can handle this for their businesses and their clients. Reputation management and customer service go hand-in-hand on the Internet, and social media is a primary avenue for all of that these days. Every comment, whether negative or positive should be responded to, and all on this episode dug into the topic.

Join host Megan Powers and her crew as they talk with guests Jenn Herman, Kari Embree and Kylene Kaelin about social media, reputation management and more!


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