Making a Marketer

Marketing a Podcast & How to Get Started with Erik Fisher

September 30, 2019

Marketing a Podcast is key to growing your show's visibility, like any product you're bringing to market. Episode 40 explores how to market a podcast for beginners and those who have been doing it a while. How you market will vary depending on your niche, your success, your whatever... for sure many of us can do a better job at it! Even our guest with 22,000 downloads per episode (WHAT??) admits he can do a better job. 

Our guest...

We explore how Erik got stared, his journey, how he markets his podcast (or doesn't), his suggestions for getting started, and more. Even if you have no interest in starting a podcast (which soooo many people have told us they are!), it's worth a listen to explore how it all works. So many insights!

Plus, per usual, you'll have a laugh with us. Oh, and happy #InternationalPodcastersDay :)


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