Making a Marketer

Writing for the Relationship with Amy Knightley

March 30, 2022

Exploring different ways we can approach writing vs just shooting from the hip is something we can all do to improve our content.

Our guest on this episode has such a clever way of pulling content from where you wouldn't consider. Not only that, but her business name and the way she approaches strategy with her clients involves a sports reference! Such an interesting way and, of course, Megan always appreciates sports references. :)

We know developing solid relationships are the key to building trust in our marketing and sales. Have you considered "writing for the relationship" as a way to approach your content?

Amy gives us some really solid tactics and strategies we can put to work right away!

Our guest...

  • Amy Knightley - Founder & Chief Strategist @ Savvy Mudder

    Amy is a marketing strategist who helps professionals design stronger connections and expand their reach. She’s best known for her gritty approach to problem solving and shifting peoples’ perception of what marketing looks like. Her consulting firm, Savvy Mudder, helps clients shift growth trajectories by analyzing datasets to listen and then build audience-centric processes and channels.

Amy's book reco: great on the job by Jodi Glickman


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