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Visual Intelligence (& #MarketingTwitter) with Christina Garnett

December 18, 2020

There are many ways to test our content. We can do A/B testing of email subjects and different calls to action... But HOW do you test visuals? Historically, the only real way to do that has been through market research (I don't say this on the show, but I personally have been paid a BUNCH of money to take part in market research studies!), which is expensive.

What if there was a company using AI that can give you data on what visuals will resonate with your audiences? What if it was a SaaS product that would save you a ton of money - you'd jump at it, right? We're not "promoting a product here" -- we don't do that -- we are sharing a NEW and unique solution to an old time issue.

Also, Christina is the queen of #MarketingTwitter, so it made perfect sense for us to also talk about the platform we both love to bits.

This is a GOOD one, y'all! Another show that will help prepare you for a new year. Please let us know your feedback on the show and what subjects you'd like us to cover in the new year.

Here's a scientific article about visual intelligence, and a fancy deck about how it works.

Our guest...

  • Christina Garnett, Senior Insights Strategist at Vizit

    Former teacher and marketing director, Christina works with Fortune 500 brands to strengthen their digital strategy. With inbound marketing and audience intelligence at the heart of her work, Christina focuses her efforts to encourage a deep dive to understand personas, competitors, and more.

    With her work at VIZIT, Christina works to create strategy playbooks and visual intelligence reports in the pursuit of content that resonates with the target audience. She has a deep love for audience research and social listening, believing that to truly understand your audience, you need to listen to them.

    Christina is featured in HubSpot Academy's Social Media certification course, as well as their separate course on social listening. She has been a speaker for national events like INBOUND19 and Adapted Digital Media Summit as well as local events for the Virginia SBDC. You can also find her featured in various ebooks by Social Insider, HubSpot, and Talkwalker, as well as articles by The Next Web and Meltwater.

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