Making a Marketer

Success With SEO, Strategically - with Brie Anderson

May 29, 2020

Search Engine Optimization - SEO - is amazing and elusive for many! It's a topic most people don't know a ton about, and our guest on this episode shares a ton of knowledge bombs. This is a foundational piece of your marketing strategy, so it should not be over-looked.

Our guest...

  • Brie Anderson
    Digital Media Strategist - LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook
    "An analytical nerd with a soft spot for strategy"

    As a digital media marketer she finds testing new things and finding solutions to be the most exciting part of the job. She has ample experience with Google Ads, SEO, SEM, PPC and digital marketing strategy. She is a visual / hands on learner, making it easy for her to learn on the job and acclimate to new environments.

    Confucius was right, "choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life." That being said, digital media, social media marketing, music, and sports get her pumped about life!

We talk big-picture marketing strategy - "If you don't know your audience -- who you're marketing to, or who you're trying to sell to... who you're trying to reach -- then you can't have a strategy, really."

We talk ins-and-outs of SEO and TOOLS - "If you don't go out and create your Google My Business, your Facebook Page, your OpenTable profile, they will create them FOR YOU..."

...Moz is one tool we discussed! Will they see this "back-link"? ;-)

Check. It. Out.


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