Making a Marketer

Social Media Manager & MaM Co-Host Jen Cole Becomes the Guest

May 20, 2022

We are always the ones interviewing, so on this one co-host Jen Cole got to be the guest!

Jen is a consummate community-builder and marketing professional. We talked about her career path, what this podcast has taught her as a professional, how it is to have the role of social media manager, and so much more.

Get to know Jen in a different way than you have before!

Her guest wish list she shared includes Tyler Anderson of Casual Fridays... and THE Jay Baer.

Our guest...

  • Jen Cole 
    Social media manager at Greteman Group and co-owner of X-Stand Standing Desk

    Jen gives brands a voice. With a background in social services, fundraising, event planning and marketing, she is a creative at heart and co-host of this podcast, hosting marketing professionals from all over the world.

    Her strongest passion is teaching brands how to build loyal fanbases around their brand, to build truly devoted communities. She strongly believes we need to keep the human element in our marketing strategies!


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