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Social Audio, Events, & Social Media with Troy Sandidge & Dai Macdonald (”Ask Me Anything” Live Show)

May 17, 2021

It's fun to do "ask me anything" shows from time-to-time, and this is actually the first time (it's the planner in me:) we have done one for this podcast!  Of course, the hot topic right now as every platform is adding an audio element, is social audio. We talk about it on its own and about how it can work with events...

Also - social media has evolved quite a bit. Do you think it has become more challenging to manage? We cover that!

Our guests...

  • Troy Sandidge 

    Troy is a marketing strategist, social media technician, dynamic speaker, interviewer, investor, and Twitter aficionado who has made a name for himself as a provider of crucial marketing-focused inputs that generate effective outputs and designed outcomes for growing SMBs and national multi-billion dollar enterprises.

    ​As a former Vice President of a creative agency and former Chief Strategy Officer of a brand agency, he has served as a strategist for various clients worldwide, helping them reach on average quadruple the return on investment via successful yet simple marketing systems. Troy has a reputation for being proficient at establishing brand identity, expanding brand reach, and increasing profitability through social media, video, and digital marketing strategies that emphasize storytelling using his D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™.

  • Dai Macdonald - Social Media Specialist at Shaky's Pizza 

    Dai is a social media, content, writing, and marketing strategy addict who still doesn't believe her job is a real thing. Storytelling is her jam. Whether it's through a blog post, a video or an image -- she loves creating captivating content that doesn't just get the message across, but gets attention.

Troy's book reco: Value Based Selling by Alan Weiss

Dai's book reco: The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks by Joe Federer


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