Making a Marketer

Season Two Reunion Show, Part 1 - Season 3 Kick-Off

August 25, 2019

This episode kicks-off Season 3 with a bang! Season two was an incredibly thoughtful and thought-provoking journey, and Episode 37 reminds us why with a visit from NINE of our guests.

Our guests are SMART and can have a laugh. Once again, this reunion is a two-parter, and another speed-round of catching up with our guests and learning more from them. No question you’ll want to listen back to season two after hearing from all of these smart folks.




  • Ilo Neukam is the founder and Marketing Strategist of a non-agency called The Collective SD, and she was on Ep. 22 talking about non-agency life. Her company is unique--she has a bench of people she can count on to collaborate with to serve her clients.
  • Kelly Noble Mirabella is THE bot-babe who has a YouTube channel called Baby Got Bot where she provides the absolute best videos on how to develop chat bots using Many Chat. Kelly was on Ep. 23 talking about CHATBOTS -- their emergence and use in our digital marketing.
  • Stephanie Liu knows it all with regards to marketing, and is a Facebook Live Strategist in particular. We had her on Ep. 24 where we dove into livestreaming, while livestreaming. She has a free group on FB called Social Media Strategists & a show called Lights, Camera, Live, among a million other things. She’s a video P.R.O.



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