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Season One Reunion Show, Part 2 (Marketing Events) - (Season Two Kick-Off)

August 20, 2018

This second part of our season two kick-off is a REUNION full of rockstar event professionals! A whirlwind of super smart people giving us nuggets of information, and a reason to listen back (or listen) to their past episodes. It’s the perfect way to start a new season after a summer break. Much has changed since we spoke last, and we get some new perspectives from each of them.

Here’s how the groups rolled out on this one...


These three are cutting-edge #eventtech pros

Ep. 7 - Marketing a Start-Up: Scott Vitale and Rachel Stephan

Ep. 13 - Creating & Amplifying Thought Leadership: Mary Ann Pierce

We spoke about changes in their marketing approaches, the integrated tech stack (geek-out, right?), and what their social media focuses are within their businesses. Great insights!


Experiential events / peer-to-peer learning / facilitation

Ep. 6 - Marketing a Different Kind of Event: Liz Lathan and Nicole Osibodu

Ep. 8 - Speaker. Podcaster. Marketer.: Thom Singer

Ep.10 - What is Inbound Marketing, Anyway?: Will Curran

Times have really changed in terms of the expectations of our attendees, and peer-to-peer learning and facilitation is more and more prevalent. These guests know first-hand how things are evolving, and offer some enlightening perspectives.


Using Marketing for Your Crisis Communications

Ep. 5 - Marketers on Event Marketing: Alex Plaxen and Nick Borelli

Ep. 9 - Exhibiting as Part of Your Marketing Strategy: Danalynne Menegus

Wow, do we get some great nuggets from these three, as things have really changed in the world of events with regard to crisis management. Or have they? They really should, and we explore this VERY important issue and how it relates to marketing in particular!

Revisiting with these folks was fresh and amazing! We hope you enjoy this second hour of our REUNION… Be sure to go back and listen to season one, and stay with us moving forward. So much great content coming your way for the rest of season two! Subscribe to the show on iTunes so you get every episode as soon as it drops.

Check out Part 1 of this reunion: - Social Marketing Chat (mostly!)


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