Making a Marketer

Season One Reunion Show, Part 1 (Getting Social) - (Season Two Kick-Off)

August 13, 2018

This episode kicks-off Season Two with a bang! Season One was so full of great guests and tons of high-quality information that we decided to have a REUNION of as many of our season one guests as possible. What this means is, this is a two-parter. It was a whirlwind of welcoming guests in and out -- for sure you’ll want to listen back to season one after hearing this!


Customer Service & Reputation Management via Social (Ep. 1) with Kylene Kaelin

Things have changed in the past year - Customers are now reaching out much more via FB Messenger! We revisit this important topic.

Building Community (Ep. 2) with Brian Fanzo

“Community is the future of business.” BOOM! Brian shares more knowledge bombs with us -- always a great guest. Events are missing the mark now, but opportunities to connect face-to-face is what the newer generations crave.

Live Streaming - Use Video to Amplify Your Message (Ep. 16) with Kelly Noble Mirabella

Number one message: if you’re going to broadcast, do it consistently! We revisit this important, HOT topic.


Digital Marketing - Strategies for Building your Business and Brand (Ep.11) - Amanda Robinson and Kiki L’italien

These two were on one of our most popular episodes of season one. If you need some tips for your business, be sure to check it out. 


Learn How to “Twitter Smarter” with top Twitter Pro (Ep.4) - Madalyn Sklar

Always a fountain of great information, we asked Madalyn what she thinks the biggest opportunity is for Twitter right now. Listen to hear her answer!

Using Pinterest - Drive Traffic to Your Business (Ep.15) with Jeff Sieh & Cara Chace

We learned how crazy good Pinterest is for driving business, and we learned some more nuggets in our brief time with them on this reunion show.

We hope you enjoy this first half our our REUNION, and that it sparks you to listen to Season one! Subscribe to the show on iTunes so you get every episode as soon as it drops.


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