Retail Marketing - Tips & Hacks to Save Your Business Money - Episode 14

April 21, 2018

Host Megan Powers welcomes this mid-month guest all the way from Sydney, Australia! Episode 14 brings special guest Salena Knight in what amounts to a “teaser” on Retail Marketing. Even better news? So much of this can be applied to other types of businesses.

Salena Knight is a retail strategist, consultant, and speaker who loves speaking about growing cash flow, sales and profits through customer experience, digital marketing, and customer attraction/retention strategies. Her passion is to help independent retailers like YOU to have a profitable retail business – without burning out. Successfully building, growing, and then selling a multi-award-winning chain of retail stores, she now focuses on empowering other retailers to build their businesses.

Salena shares her background - how she got “here” - and THIS gold:

- Cash Flow: 3 Places your business is leaking and how to fix it.
- 3 Hacks to significantly change your online store.

On this live show we had a great question from a viewer too, so Selena had a bunch of great tips. Here's the link to a retail guide she created!

Also be sure to check out her Podcast on iTunes - Bringing Business to Retail.


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