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Optimal Confusion, Events Progress, & Awe & Wonder…Lessons from Life & Business with Megan Powers

April 20, 2022

My solo shows have been quite popular and work well with my schedule (having to schedule just me!), so this is the third and final one of those in season five.

Every Monday, with one exception since February 8th of 2021, I have posted a “Monday Musing.” These musings are typically a story that include what I see as a business lesson. Sometimes they are just about something interesting intended to get people thinking! In this episode I talk about two that have really resonated with people on social media, and I also talk about progress and recognition in the meetings and events industry after two difficult years (the meat of this "sandwich").

Optimal Confusion 

Have you considered confusion can make you smarter? That it might fire-up a part of your brain that might have been dormant? This will get you thinking!

Events Progress

We are absolutely NOT where we were in 2019, nor should we be. We have had our challenges, but the progress the meetings and events industry is making AND recognition of those in it is important to talk about! There is data to support the progress--more can be learned on this episode of the Trade Show Talk Podcast - Episode 7 with Doug Emslie -- CEO of Tarsus and Kai Hattendorf -- CEO of UFI.

Awe & Wonder

You might not believe in symbolism, but you'll probably still think what happened to me was pretty cool. Do you ever just sit with yourself in the quiet? Amazing things can happen, and when they fall in line with a book you are reading? Even better! This resonated with a lot of people.

Our guest?

  • Do you know me? Let's connect! Here's my latest bio...
    Megan Powers is a creator and strategist who thrives on helping people learn. She has spent the majority of her career working in meetings and events, primarily serving in planning, sales, and marketing roles. Working for software companies, in a venue, in event production, and then running her own marketing agency all served as a foundation for her latest venture. She is now working for Event Marketing Partners as Senior Director, Corporate Event Marketing. 

    Megan has loved hosting and producing podcasts since 2016–she thrives on hearing stories and lessons from guests who get us all thinking in a different way. Her podcast Making a Marketer has been going strong since 2017, and she is delighted to be hosting Trade Show Talk for TSNN.

Megan's Book Reco (again): "Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience"



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