Making a Marketer

Non-Profit Marketing in Uncertain Times & Beyond with Shelter to Soldier Co-Founders

May 18, 2020

Sometimes a non-profit just drops in your lap & slaps you in the face it's so incredible! I discovered Shelter to Soldier at a VERY important, and perfect, time in my life... Right after my Marine nephew passed away.

This incredible organization rescues dogs from shelters, trains them to be service dogs, and pairs them with post-9/11 combat veterans. They enable these vets to LIVE. And that is not an exaggeration.

Our guests...

  • Graham Bloem
    President & Co-Founder, Shelter to Soldier / President & Training Director, Specialty Dog Training
  • Kyrie Bloem
    Vice President & Director of Operations, Shelter to Soldier / Specialty Dog Training

Shelter to Soldier also has GREAT marketing, using video in wonderful ways to share their mission through storytelling. I think we can all agree it's a mission worth learning about!

In this "pause" (paws ;-) with Covid-19, they're getting creative and adapting to keep the organization going as STRONG as ever!

Give it a listen... and you can check out the YouTube video also if you'd like to see it as we recorded.


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