Making a Marketer

Messenger Marketing Magic with Carrie Gottschalk

September 23, 2019

We broadcasted this live show on Facebook from an outdoor patio at The Fairmont Hotel in Austin! Episode 39 came to life at the ManyChat Conversations Conference, with a very special guest. We were fortunate enough to snag conference speaker Carrie Gottschalk for a quick LIVE show after she spoke at Agency Day at the conference. Carrie is a pro at Messenger Marketing, and she shares the different ways she’s using it for her clients from e-Commerce to events. 

Our guest...

  • Carrie Gottschalk - COO & Co-Founder of Bot Hero's / Social Media Marketing Specialist, Consultant, & Public Speaker

    Carrie calls Denver home, but finds herself all over the world, based on her skill at finding incredible flight deals (she shares this on the show). Carrie is a highly recognized influencer within the social media industry and has been at the forefront of the social media revolution for 10 years, paid social media for 5 years, and has managed over 12 million dollars in ad-spend -- working with large clients Shari's Berries, Wyndham Hotels, and TEDxMileHigh. With her extensive experience in domestic and international markets, she's known as a skilled social media strategist and advertiser. 

Clipomatic is Carrie Gottschalk's tool of choice these days! And Carrie's ManyChat discount code is OneMonthPro - use it if you're interested in learning how to create chat bots in ManyChat.

We had some paparazzi with us on this one, and they snapped some great pics (and risked their lives, as you'll hear). You can also watch the video on YouTube if you'd like to see us in action -

We did the show impromptu, without great audio gear, so please forgive us this one! Thank you.

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