Making a Marketer

Snowed-in, Playoff Time, & New Year Adventures: Business Lessons From Life with Megan Powers

February 1, 2022

Seeing lessons from everyday life requires some reflection. Do you take time to sit and think about the lessons or stories you can pull from what seems like "every day"?

After a very interesting few weeks the lessons for this episode were not difficult to pull out!

  • Being snowed-in taught me one...
  • The never-give-up mentality of my QB / team taught me another...
  • And, finally, after quite a few "new" adventures being kicked off in '22 - there was another...

This is another solo show with host Megan - just about 12-minutes again! Let us know what you think and lessons you might have learned by tweeting at us or via DM on the @MakeAMarketer Twitter or @MeganPowers Twitter accounts.

Megan's Blog - she's a writer too (blog post on this ep to come)!

Book reco (read while being snowed-in!): Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown


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