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Marketing Magic - Grasping Facebook Groups with Bella Vasta

June 15, 2019

Not only is Bella a *firecracker* who drops a TON of knowledge bombs on us in this episode, but she also gives stacks of shout-outs to people in the industry who are doing it RIGHT.

Our guest...

  • Bella Vasta

    Bella Vasta is the driving force behind the one-woman coaching company, Jump Consulting. She has coached pet sitting businesses since 2007, and has published some of the most comprehensive research on relevant industry topics. Bella won the National Pet Sitting Business of the Year award by 25, built and sold her first company by 30, and her second company by 34. She sold her pet sitting business, and now lives out her passion for being a mom and wife, while using her business experience to inspire, motivate, and challenge business owners through coaching, consulting, and speaking.

    Bella also just hit a huge milestone with her OWN podcast - Bella in Your Business - 150 episodes -- HUGE accomplishment!

The way she looks at Facebook Groups is different than you might. And her skill at carrying a metaphor throughout the bulk of this episode is UNMATCHED! It's unlikely you'll think of Facebook Groups the same again.

While co-host Jen Cole commented in the chat while recording this episode "totally felt like a chill out sesh," we guarantee you will learn and laugh. No question!

If Pet Marketing is your thing, this show is for you too, as we start out talking about her evolution as a successful business owner in that space… and she's a resource for you (still) if you want to join her Mastermind to help you improve your business.

Be sure to listen through to the end to learn what tech/gadgets/apps she’s recommending these days. Grab yourself a beverage and *hold on* for episode 35, as it's our second to last show in Season 2 & it moves fast!


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