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Marketing in 2020 - Think Differently with Mark Schaefer

December 23, 2019

Sometimes someone comes along who is asking us to think a bit unconventionally... And when research backs it up, you have yourself a pretty darned good book... That book is Marketing Rebellion, and that author is our episode 46 guest Mark Schaefer!

"The most human company wins" is the subtitle to his most recent book, and our conversation in this show centers in part around the need to be HUMAN in business, and get out and actually TALK to people in this digital age.  

Our guest...

  • Mark Schaefer 
    Keynote speaker, marketing consultant, author of Marketing Rebellion, executive branding coach

    Mark’s company offers consulting services, training, corporate workshops, and strategy development with an emphasis in social media, content marketing, and digital marketing strategy.

    His services stand out because of his deep experience across many industries, his ability to connect the dots between strategy and reality, and his background in organizational development, which allows him to design strategies that are practical and achievable.

    He works with a variety of companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and solo entrepreneurs.

You might think poor quality content is a bad idea... But Mark's take is that "there's a business case for crap." Megan doesn't really agree with him on that, and we have an interesting conversation around it. We do 100% agree marketers need to spend more time face-to-face with our customers! 

As you're thinking about how to approach things entering in 2020, this episode will give you some valuable insights to consider! 


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