Making a Marketer

Marketing Gold: Creating & Amplifying Thought Leadership

April 11, 2018

Host Megan Powers, along with co-hosts Elizabeth Glau and Jen Cole, welcome guests Ina Yulo and Mary Ann Pierce on episode 13 to talk creation and amplification of thought leadership. Marketing is about amplifying your message, and sharing thought leadership through marketing channels is key.

Our guests...

  • Ina Yulo - Senior Content Strategy Manager at BrightTALK, Ina has been listed on the Women in FinTech Power List for two years in-a-row and has spoken or moderated for conferences on Blockchain, FinTech, Payments, Women in Tech, and Marketing.
  • Mary Ann Pierce - In 2017 “Meetings & Conventions Magazine” named Mary Ann Pierce, founder and CEO of MAP Digital, as one of “The Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry,” noting: “Pierce is ahead of the curve, as the rest of the industry now embraces data capture and analytics as the next frontier.”

Data is crucial. What you do with that data is even more so! On this show we have two guests who on the surface might seem like competitors, but this collaborative conversation shows that there is room for everyone. Two very bright women address data and its place in the industry AND the continued importance of events and face-to-face communication. Using data in cooperation with these face-to-face experiences is gold.

Sit back and tune in as we make a marketer...


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