Making a Marketer

Marketing a Small, Local Business with Christine Gritmon

October 22, 2019

This short episode (#41), recorded live on Facebook, gives us quick and easy info to soak in regarding marketing small local businesses. Sometimes these businesses need a little help, but they don't have hearty budgets, so that's where Christine comes in in her community!

Our guest...

  • Christine Gritmon
    Christine’s a Social Media Strategist, Coach, and Entrepreneur

    She is teaching busy, stressed small business owners how to tell their brand stories online in efficient, effective ways that value their time, energy, and money. Christine’s also an international speaker, a livestreamer, and a LinkedIn Local host.

    Wife/mom. Foodie. Rockland County enthusiast.

We always say this on the short shows, but we truly packed a TON of great tips and info in this 30-minute show! If you're a small, local business wondering about what to focus on, if reviews matter, and more -- be sure to listen (or share with your entrepreneur friends). Christine will be offering some valuable online classes in the future, so be sure to follow her on Twitter to get the 4-1-1 on that when she launches.

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