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Connection Through the Human Interaction of Events with Chief Nation

July 13, 2022

On this final episode of season five(!) we take a look under the hood of the impact events can have in a different way than we have previously. Chief Nation is a UK-based agency that has made connecting people through events their mission. It turns out intimate events (both online and in person) where you have all the right people "in the room" is very effective for building relationships and driving revenue! Who knew? ;-)

Megan and Jen speak with two of the managing directors of the agency who give us insight into why the connections we make face-to-face are a pivotal part of the "digital to human" experience. We also get a little advice for agency owners and have a few laughs (standard).

This was an epic way to close out season 5! Thank you for listening and PLEASE provide any feedback or suggestions you may have via DM on our Twitter @MakeAMarketer. And season six is on the way… 

Our guests...

  • Craig McCartney - Managing Director and Co-Owner of UK-based Chief Nation

    Craig is a technology enthusiast with over 17 years of experience in the marketing, advertising, and technology industries. Part of his role as one of the three Managing Directors of Global B2B Agency Chief Nation is managing the sales and marketing side of the business across the UK, US, and EU. Another aspect of his role has him hosting events and he has spoken at hundreds of technology-focused C-suite events, at conferences and webinars, and on podcasts. On a personal level, he loves sports and plays golf regularly. He is often training for some sort of endurance activity (mainly triathlons).

  • Richard Porter - Managing Director and Co-Owner of UK-based Chief Nation

    Richard has worked for Chief Nation since its early days and has helped it grow from a few people renting spare desks in another company’s office, to the thriving agency it is now. Richard has performed most jobs in the agency, but is now the Managing Director responsible for the company’s finances and operations. Richard is a keen jogger and enjoys walks with his dog Cecil, watching box-sets, and mixing electronic music of various genres. Richard also enjoys going to see his favourite DJs perform in venues around the world, combining his love of music and travel.

Craig's book reco: "It’s Not About How Good You Are, It’s About How Good You Want to Be" by Paul Arden

Richard's book reco: "Will it Make the Boat Go Faster" by Ben Hunt-Davis


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