Making a Marketer

Build Relationships to Build Your Business with Michael Cuschieiri

June 27, 2019

First of all, if you know this man… straight-away you're likely to learn something new on episode 36! Do you REALLY know how to pronounce his last name? I don’t think so! It was news to me.

Our guest...

  • Michael Cuschieri of mc2 Marketing

    Michael is the Managing Director of mc square marketing, a marketing agency he established in 2004, to help businesses stand out from their competition through creative marketing ideas that deliver results.

    His other passion is getting results from building strong business relationships with people and has been a fully active member in BNI for 15 years, 9 years of these also as a Director Consultant.

    As an international speaker, he delivers conferences, business development workshops and seminars across the UK, Dublin, Singapore and Malta. 

This approach to building business via relationships is unlike our past conversations. Do you put an emphasis on trusting the process in building relationships that lead to business over time? Taking the time to do this authentically will lead to strong business connections… and friendships.

Check out the last episode of season 2! Episode 36 will not disappoint, and will leave you looking forward to the start of Season 3 in August.

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