Making a Marketer

Live Marketing NEWS & Broadcast Podcast Collab with Grace Duffy & Jeff Sieh

November 17, 2022

What happens when two podcasters join two podcasters in a combined show collaboration marketing round table? Crazy awesomeness ensues!!

We wanted to have Jeff Sieh and Grace Duffy from "Social Media News Live" on our show to talk about how they consistently do a weekly live broadcast that becomes a podcast. And they wanted to have us on to discuss the latest crazy marketing news... So we did it together and called it a "Marketing Power Panel"! 

Jen and Megan recorded this live on Jeff and Grace's Social Media News Live show on Friday, Nov. 4th -- the week Elon Musk took ownership of Twitter. We discuss the implications of that, along with other marketing news, and insights about what's going on in digital marketing.

We then asked Jeff and Grace questions about doing a live show that is a consistent force, advice for someone just starting out, and got their recommended business books for our listeners!

Jeff's book reco: "Creativity, Inc." by Ed Catmull
Grace's book reco: "Building a Second Brain" by Tiago Forte


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