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Is Marketing about Bandwidth or Brain Width? With Dahlia El Gazzar

May 2, 2019

On Episode 33 our guest Dahlia El Gazzar shares her unique perspective based on the work her team does with event organizers.

Our guest... 

  • Dahlia El Gazzar - Founder of Dahlia+Agency

    Dahlia has an OMG-attitude about all things tech and audience engagement solutions. With more than a decade of experience in the meetings and events sector, working on both the professional planning side and as an association collaborator, Dahlia is known as the coffee-fueled "go-to" source for trend-setting solutions, tech news, and social media expertise.

    Her mission is to untether the busy professional from their desktop and office, and enable them to be more efficient and productive working from a beach in Mexico [umbrella drink in hand] through their mobile device utilizing smart solutions and apps.

Some shows are simultaneously hard to describe, and at the same time we could go on and on… this is one of those. Dahlia and Megan, along with the viewers, share so many marketing insights and tips on this one in 31-short minutes.

"It's less about bandwidth and more about brain width..." is just one nugget of a quote from Dahlia when asked why many event organizers still haven't fully embraced social media. She also says "it's not their fault."

Give this quick one a listen - we promise you’ll learn something no matter your level of expertise (always our goal, by the way)!

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