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How to Get Leads from Social Media with ANDREW and PETE!

March 27, 2020

(Program note: This was recorded before the Covid crisis emerged; the sponsors mentioned at the top of the show are currently closed due to state and federal mandates... but they will see you on the other side!!).

Have you ever been ghosted by a prospect? Andrew & Pete have some incredible tips for how to get through that!

Without question, this show is the most interesting and insightful episode of the 52 we've done so far. Andrew and Pete are HILARIOUS for one, but also they really know what they're talking about... They WILL help you grow your business. Not many people *really* like to sell - we find so many things we can do instead! You'll think about that differently after listening to this.

Our guests...

  • Andrew and Pete
    Founders & Chief Awesome Officers of ATOMIC

    Andrew Pickering and Pate Gartland - AKA ANDREW AND PETE - are business partners and best friends (after meeting on the first day of University). They live in New Castle, England.

    They both always had a passion for business and entrepreneurship, and ambitions to one day rule the world, so when they graduated they decided a "proper job" was not for them… and they set-up their own company.


    The main aim of their business and headline programme ATOMIC is to help other small business owners grow and scale their business online. An ATOMIC business is a small AND mighty business. That's what they believe.... that it's actually better being small, because they can scale their businesses in better ways, whilst keeping the freedom and flexibility that a small business offers us.

There are many things that hold us back, and these two help us realize ways to break down some barriers for ourselves and our businesses. They have a Webinar they're offering, which Pete mentions, so we wanted to be sure to share that link with you - How to Generate Leads Through Social Media and Content Marketing. OH, they also have a great book - Content Mavericks.

Andrew mentions VideoAsk by Typeform at the end, so we wanted to share that with you also.

If you want to grow YOUR business or your CLIENT'S businesses / sales, this is 100 the episode for you. They want to INSPIRE YOU to DO something. Let us know what you think!


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::: This episode is primarily sponsored by Jen Cole - thank you! :::

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