Making a Marketer

How a Marketer Turned Tragedy into Triumph - Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe Comes Full Circle

June 18, 2021

We don't all have a linear career path. Some people crushing the digital marketing space were once elementary school teachers. Others worked to catch bad guys with the government before walking down the road of marketing--the latter is this episode's guest!

Hearing the journey of someone who has had such an interesting career that was ALSO greatly impacted by a personal tragedy will get you thinking.

One of our live viewers of this broadcast said "I was hanging on her every word!" We think you will too.

Our guest...

  • Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe 

    Dorothéa was born in New York City to French and Italian parents. Her Father’s passing caused her family to move to Europe where she became somewhat of a nomad. She‘s lived in Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, The Netherlands, and the UK.

    Dorothéa is a strategic digital marketing executive who is fluent in four languages and specializes in developing business through digital, influencer, and social media marketing for the world’s most memorable brands. She teaches marketers and business leaders how to increase value and develop strong relationships between brands and fans.

    There are 4 distinct areas of her business, Social Espionage - eCommerce, Employer & Personal Branding, Enterprise Social Networking, and Marketing Strategy 

    She’s also an avid skateboarder who tweets to relax. 

Her Ted Talk -

Her book recos:

Check out the LIVE Video if you'd like to watch us chat.


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