Making a Marketer

Harassment (Online & Offline) — Speaking Up

August 29, 2018

In Episode 20 we take a little departure from the normal topics of social media marketing or events. On this Facebook live show we speak with Kristy Gillentine. Kristy lives in Houston, and is VP of Public Engagement with Drive West Communications.

And she is one brave soul. She had the nerve to tell just one person about harassment she was experiencing, and what came from that is something she never expected… that person also experienced it, along with three dozen women (who have spoken up so far).

It’s an important topic. Any harassment -- online or otherwise -- shouldn’t be tolerated, and the only way to stop it or put it at bay is to keep it as part of the conversation.

It’s a quick listen (or watch if you want to check out the video) -- please share it!

Here are some resources to help you recognize what harassment is, and ways you can get help.

Thank you, Kristy. We wish you all the best on this journey--you’ve helped so many people!


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