Making a Marketer

Find Personal Harmony in LIFE to Better Your Business with Candice Denise

November 26, 2021

We can have seasons in our careers and in our businesses. Our guest on this inspiring episode shares that just because we might be entrepreneurs with a certain type of business doesn't mean we have to keep doing that thing. We can have a new "season" of our business and ourselves.

And if we are serving ourselves first - checking in and taking care of ourselves first - we can then be there for our clients, our businesses, our people in a more impactful way.

SO much inspiration on this one!

"What the mind believes, the body receives."

Our guest...

  • Candice Denise 

    Candice is a Creative Director & Wellness Curator. With over ten years in the event planning industry, she is known for creating and curating memorable social experiences for clients. She took the logistics skills, project management, and creativity she gained from the event industry, evolved and created CD Creative Loft, working with high achieving, ambitious women to help them nurture their well-being + achieve & maintain a lifestyle of wellness. 

    Being a wellness advocate, she is sharing her journey - to inspire others through personal reflections and life lessons. She recognizes the importance of taking care of one’s well-being (mind, body and soul). She’s fueled by a passion to connect with, fuel and embrace one’s true self. Currently based in Maryland she’s a proud alumna of Johnson C. Smith University and a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

Around the 39-minute mark Candice talks about her love of sunsets - host Megan then changed her Zoom background to a sunset -- this is what she thanks her for! :) (BTS info)

Her book reco: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

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