Making a Marketer

Exhibiting as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

February 6, 2018

Megan Powers and her co-hosts Elizabeth Glau and Jen Cole - along with their guests - talk exhibiting on this one. This is part of the marketing equation, so we thought we should speak with two meeting industry (and marketing) pros on this important topic.


  • Danalynne Menegus is a B2B Marketer, Writer, and Storyteller. She currently works as an Editor and Writer for Corporate Event News and as a freelance writer, editor, and marketer.
  • Terence Donnelly is Vice President of Sales for Experient - has been there more than 13 years. He’s especially passionate about the technology that accompanies the events space, and within exhibiting in particular. He’s also one of the hosts of TSNN’s weekly “Tweet Chat” called #ExpoChat - every Wed. at 1pm EST.

Having exhibiting at tradeshows in your marketing mix is certainly something that makes sense for many businesses. We talk quite a bit about that, but we also talk about how to select which shows to participate in, and what else you might be able to do alternatively as part of a trade show.

We also discuss hosted buyer programs, including social media as part of your communication plan (sponsor benefit!), and more.

Sit back and enjoy this insightful conversation with two of the best folks in the industry.


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