Making a Marketer

How to Find the Storyteller Within us with Chad Illa-Peterson

February 6, 2022

We regularly hear good marketing contains good storytelling.

It really does come up so frequently on this podcast! Our guest on episode 98 has a different approach to helping people FIND stories that are compelling.

Stories live where you may not realize, and the "Story Catcher" helps us understand that and more on this insightful episode. 

Our guest...

  • Chad Illa-Peterson
    Following a hardcore snipe hunt, botched pizzeria robbery, two years in a bear suit, and several moments atop a 6-foot unicycle, Chad Illa-Peterson (aka The Story Catcher) discovered the compelling power of stories. Today, Chad helps you find and craft the stories you didn't even know you had to create deeper connections and open a portal of belonging.

Chad's book recos: Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks
Cumulative Advantage - Mark Schaefer’s (past MaM guest!)


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