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Customer Experience IS Marketing with Dan Gingiss

November 24, 2019

Guest Dan Gingiss is an absolute pro. His career with customer experience and marketing makes him the perfect guest to speak on this topic!

From his Forbes article"Customer experience and social media are part of a 'continuous cycle' whereby they each feed the other. Offline experiences are shared online, and then a brand's response – and the learnings it takes from customer interactions – are incorporated back into the experience."

Our guest...

  • Dan Gingiss 
    Chief Experience Officer at Winning Customer Experience, LLC
    As a Forbes contributor, he writes about how a remarkable customer experience can be your best marketing.

    Dan teaches audiences and businesses how to make the brand lovers louder than the haters by creating experiences they can’t wait to share with their friends and followers. He leverages his professional experience at three Fortune 300 companies, and a library of real-life examples of positive customer experiences that create social media engagement to ensure that audiences always leave with clear, actionable takeaways that will help them improve the experience at their own company. 

    To book him to speak - +1-508-BOOK-DAN |

This is a very important conversation! Are your customers experiencing high quality experiences? Is your marketing department working in concert with that team? This episode will make you think, and hopefully make needed adjustments.

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