Making a Marketer

Crisis Communication - Marketing is Responsible with Alex Plaxen

March 26, 2019

In Episode 31 we are live on Facebook, speaking to someone who has made crisis communication a key area he is speaking and teaching on.

It's marketing's responsibility to share out information if a crisis occurs. Period. With the emergence of social media, that is now a key place to share it… And you MUST have a plan in order to do it properly!

Our guest...

  • Alex Plaxen – President/Founder Little Bird Told Media. Alex is passionate about using social media to amplify the reach of events. Little Bird Told Media's tagline is "Where Online Meets Offline."

Alex Plaxen has a Crisis Communication Certification he's teaching for Meeting Professionals International, so he was the perfect guest to have to speak on this topic.

Check out this quick show, and then go back to your organization and make it a priority.


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