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Consistently Creating FOMO with May King Tsang

October 31, 2022

The "Fear of Missing Out" - or FOMO - is a real thing. Our guest on this one talks about FOMO being a good thing!

She has made it her mission to help businesses create FOMO to drive brand and product awareness and event attendance. She and Jen talk about how you can actually help drive buzz and awareness by using the hashtag even if you aren't in person at an event.

Showcasing products by creating your own "Truman Show" is also a top tactic... Check out how she thinks you can do that and more through pre-FOMO, during FOMO, and post-FOMO!

Also, May King has a giggle you will never forget.

Our guest...

  • May King Tsang 

    May King Tsang is the original FOMO Creator helping you to bridge the gap between Social Media and PR for your product or service launch, webinar, festival or conference.

    She does this by creating Live Social Media Content on your best performing platforms.

    She interviews speakers, attendees, sponsors and conference hosts to generate buzz and excitement for your business.

    May King is also a live community manager for digital challenges, enriching your challenge to help attendees go from participant to buyer.

    And if you’d like a one-off interview or interview series based on your area of expertise to showcase your authority in your industry, yep she can do that too!

May King's book reco: "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie


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