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Consistent Content Creation with Demian Ross

October 28, 2019

This dude has been the picture of consistency for the last (as of this publishing) 587 days in-a-row!! He has recorded and published a video EVERY. Single. Day. Can you imagine doing anything that consistently?! 

He has a lot going on, and we have a ton to learn from him in terms of content development. Plus, he's hilarious... we just might make you laugh more on this episode than on any other one!

Our guest...

  • Demian Ross - Demian was with us on Episode 21 - on being a Digital Nomad

    Road to 1,000 - Rootless Lifestyle - Plan D

    Demian is currently a Digital Nomad, and has been traveling the country in a 42-foot fifth wheel since June of 2017... and has logged more than 40,000+ miles.

    When he started this road trip he was working at Social Media Examiner as part of the sales team for Social Media Marketing World, and decided he needed a creative outlet... So he came up with an idea to record 300 videos in 365 days. He called the series "ROAD TO 300"… And after recording 300 videos in a row he decided to stretch the series to the "ROAD TO 1000" and is was on DAY 583 in a row when we recorded this show.

    Since the last time he was with us, Demian started a lifestyle brand called ROOTLESS LIVING with the goal to help teach and inspire people to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle. He also has a podcast called PLAN D where he talks about his struggles to start a company while living on the road.

    He's also the proud father of 4 adult humans.

Do "subs" matter? Why do we care about vanity metrics? How can you be so consistent on one platform, and not on others? He is doing a lot, and has so much more in store. If you aren't motivated by this show, we will be shocked. Get ready to learn AND laugh.


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