Making a Marketer

Challenges of Communication in Media with Gary J. Nix

February 25, 2021

For the last 75 episodes we've mostly talked strategies and tactics in marketing, but after hearing Gary speak on Clubhouse a few times, it was obvious it would be interesting to get a little philosophical & maybe even sociological on this one.

We break down what "Social Media Marketing" is, its evolution, and discuss the impact of how we communicate (or are communicated to) in digital media these days.

We get deep, y'all!

Our guest...

  • Gary J. Nix - Founder & Chief Strategist at Brandarchist

    Gary is an award-winning brand strategist who earned his stripes as a disruptor, innovator, and predictor in the entertainment, magazine publishing, and marketing industries. Known for merging traditional marketing principles with modern techniques, his expertise & distinct point-of-view in the space has positioned him as a sought after source in the advertising trades, a guest lecturer, and a subject matter expert on ethics, culture, and community as a business necessity.

    Gary's Book Reco's:
    The Invincible Company by Alexander Osterwalder
    Change by Design by Tim Brown

    Megan's Book Reco: It's Not Just Who You Know by Tommy Spaulding

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