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Blogging is Not Dead with Mike Allton, The Blogging Brute

November 13, 2019

Mike Allton is a content creator extraordinaire who prides himself on being a prolific writer. He is "The Blogging Brute," -- an award-winning blogger, speaker, and author.  

Our shorter shows are always quick and FULL of a lot of great information, and episode 43 is no different!

Our guest...

  • Mike Allton 

    - Brand Evangelist at Agorapulse
    - Content Marketing Practitioner at Social Media Hat / Blogging Brute, 
    - Co-Founder at 360 Marketing Squad (the 4th member of the 360 Marketing Squad to be on our show!)

    Mike teaches businesses the best strategies and tactics to use, and the best tools, to finally get POSITIVE RESULTS!

    He firmly believes everything falls within the umbrella of "Content Marketing" - using content in various forms, across multiple channels, to reach a growing audience.

Everything is content. Everything. We talk through this, and Mike provides a ton of insight and tips about blogging in particular -- length of posts, frequency, and more. Even with the emergence of video over the last couple of years... blogging is not dead! Check out this is great convo.

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