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Absolutely Accessible Marketing with Alex Heinrich

February 13, 2021

This is a LANDMARK episode -- number 75! Thank you for being with us through 75 strong, as we look towards the next 75. We LOVE doing this podcast, and feel blessed that you are listening.

I believe people show up in our lives when they are meant to. After watching and listening to the amazing nuggets this guest was sharing online, she was instantly on my radar as a person we had to have on this podcast. 

The work of accessibility in digital marketing is incredibly important "as humans," as Alex states eloquently, but it's also our obligation as digital marketers to be sure as many people as possible see our marketing.

65% of humans might not. If that isn't compelling
enough to learn more, I don't know what would be! 

Every human should be able to read and hear every thing we do as marketers. Full stop. 

Grab a pen and paper for all the tips Alex gives us!!

Our guest...

  • Alex Heinrich - Digital Accessibility Advocate & Social Media Manager at St. Petersburg College

    Alex is an award-winning social media strategist from Chicago, now living in Central Florida. She has worked in higher education since 2014, and one of her big passions is teaching other digital marketers how they can create content that's both engaging and inclusive through basic digital accessibility best practices.

    She was also the “Sprout Social 2020 Always On Award Winner” in September 2020. Winners of this award are social media pros who are constantly taking in the world around them, empathizing with their community, and truly championing the power of social media.

Accessibility apps Alex shared with us: Emojipedia & MixCaptions

Book Reco: Fundamentals of Social Media Strategy: A Guide for College Campuses

If you have an input or information to share with us about digital accessibility, please DM us on Twitter!


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