Making a Marketer

Marketing Automation… What is Inbound Marketing Anyway?

March 10, 2018

On episode 10 host Megan Powers chats with guest Will Curran - a heavy-duty #eventprof… He’s Founder and Owner of Endless Events, AKA their “Chief Event Einstein.” He's also host of his own show EventIcons and current president of the AZ chapter of ILEA.

On this 30-minute show we talk about marketing automation. When people hear “Inbound Marketing,” they might think they know what it is based on the name, but it’s multi-layered. Will breaks it down, and likely makes us all believe we should be using a marketing automation tool! These tools aren't cheap, but they can replace many tools we’re already paying for.

Give this quick episode a listen, and see how you can automate your marketing and sales processes.


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