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November 12, 2018

LinkedIn has NOT lost relevance, and this young professional has proven this over the past three years. Michaela Alexis is a powerhouse millennial speaker and LinkedIn expert with us on episode 25. She grew her following on the platform from just 200 to 125K over the course of three short years.

Our guest…

Michaela Alexis

Michaela is a millennial LinkedIn Master, keynote speaker, trainer, author, and coach trying to shake up the business world. She’s presented Keynote Talks and Panel Discussions on the following topics: The Power of Personal Branding, Building a Mega Audience on LinkedIn, Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile, and more. She provides training workshops, influencer marketing, and LINKEDIN CONSULTING -- our topic of this show.

In listening to this show you’ll see WHY people want to know what she has to say about LinkedIn and branding in general. So many knowledge bombs are dropped on this one!

Learn that you should “share your why”... Focus on connections and not simply impressing people… LinkedIn is your “Career Insurance,” and it’s likely you’ll think about it all differently after listening to this show.

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