Making a Marketer

Corp. vs. Freelance Marketing & Personal Branding with Ben Roberts

January 22, 2019

Many professionals continue to work a "day job" while also building their own personal brand... while also having a "side-hustle."

Our guest on this show is doing just that! He has a job he loves running marketing for a start-up called Talkative, while at the same time he has a podcast, he has a Personal Branding Story he launched last year, AND he's writing a book that's set to be released SOONEST!

It is possible to do both, and Ben Roberts gives us some great tips on how to manage.

Our guest...

  • Ben M. Roberts is head of Marketing at Tech Start-up, Talkative. He is a Keynote Speaker at conferences around the UK... Ben has worked in, and consulted with, businesses from a range of industries.

    He's writing his first Business Book: The Marketing Buzzword Book.

    Ben's a huge advocate of human marketing, customer centricity, and the power of online reviews to build a genuine rapport with past, present and future customers, who are the lifeblood of any business.

If managing your own personal brand is something you can use help with, or you're considering a side-hustle, this episode is for you especially.


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