Making a Marketer

Cannabis Marketing - Listen Before You Light Up Your Marketing with Kendra Losee

November 27, 2018

The Cannabis market is still in its infancy, with makers and marketers alike trying to strike while the proverbial iron is hot!

Here's the catch: there are a ton of federal limitations because, although it might be 100% legal in your state, the federal government still considers it a crime to grow and sell cannabis. This makes banking and compliance with advertising quite tricky!

Our guest...

  • Kendra Losee of Mota Marketing - Provider of cannabis marketing consulting, coaching and education. Grow your company and the cannabis community with their stellar marketing!

    Kendra brings with her close to twenty years of marketing experience, and a whole new FRESH outlook on the ever-growing cannabis industry.

Compliance to FCC regulations and more make this a vertical of marketing that requires some support and research. Kendra's been doing the work, and this 30-minute show gives us a taste of getting started.

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